Our recommendation
Beef tenderloin roll with vegetables
beef tenderloin, bacon, mushrooms, sour cream, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes
150/200 gr
350 gr 52 Lei
Duck breast with cranberries and hunter style rice
duck breast, red wine, cranberries, rice, hazelnuts
180/200 gr
380 gr 59 Lei
Pike perch Rossetya with asparagus
pike perch fillet, shrimp, yellow cheese, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, rosemary, asparagus
150/200 gr
350 gr 37 Lei
House cake with pistachio parfait and mint
flour, sugar, cocoa, sour cream, pistachio, mint, milk
80/60 gr
140 gr 16 Lei

Rossetya specialties
Spicy tenderloin
pork tenderloin, chilli, mustard seeds
160/100 gr
260 gr 26 Lei
Pastrami pork with polenta
pork leg, garlic, thyme, sweet paprika, polenta)
160/150 gr
310 gr 28 Lei
Pork ribs
pork ribs, garlic, sweet paprika 300 gr
300 gr 29 Lei
Pork fillet Rossetya
pork fillet, bacon, garlic, sweet paprika, mustard
160/100 gr
260 gr 26 Lei

Romanian dishes
Carp brine with polenta
carp fillet, polenta, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, chilli
200/100/150 gr
450 gr 29 Lei
Duck meat cabbage rolls with polenta
duck meat, rice, onion, tomato sauce, pickled cabbage, polenta
160/150 gr
310 gr 29 Lei
Roasted pork knuckle with baked beans
pork knuckle, white beans, onion, tomato sauce
120/200 gr
320 gr 26 Lei
Noble duck legs with cabbage
duck legs, cabbage, tomatoes, white wine
300/100 gr
400 gr 35 Lei
Traditional Romanian pork alms with polenta
pork meat, garlic, white wine, polenta
150/100/150 gr
400 gr 28 Lei

Chickpeas salad
chickpeas, sesame oil, olive oil, garlic
200 gr
200 gr 16 Lei
Parsley salad
parsley, tomatoes, bulgur, onion, olive oil, lemon
200 gr
200 gr 16 Lei
Vegetables mix in crispy basket
pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes, carrots, mustard, vinegar 
250/50 gr
300 gr 23 Lei
Monastery - style mushrooms stew with polenta
mushrooms, onion, tomato sauce, garlic, polenta
250 gr

250 gr 21 Lei

Appetizers and salads
Monastery plateau 2 persons
traditional  zacusca, aubergine salad, beans paste, carp roe
450 gr 30 Lei
Boyar s cold plateau 2 persons
spicy sirloin, babic, smoked lard, sheeps milk cheese, olives, red onion, pork roulade, cucumber
500 gr
500 gr 39 Lei
Octopus salad
octopus, shallots, olives, pepper, garlic, greens
200 gr
200 gr 32 Lei
Smoked salmon rolls
smoked salmon, mozzarella, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sour cream, dill, mustard
250 gr
250 gr 29 Lei
Smoked duck breast salad
smoked duck breast , corn sprouts, marinated mushrooms, pepper, honey , balsamic vinegar
250 gr
250 gr 31 Lei

Warm appetizers
Rossetya’s Appetizer
pork pastrami, piquant sausages, chicken fingers, spiced olives, sauteed mushrooms, pickles
300 gr
300 gr 27 Lei
Rossetya Crepes
spinach, salmon, white sauce, yellow cheese
200 gr
200 gr 21 Lei
Camembert pane with pomme Rosti and blueberry jam
Camembert, potatoes, eggs, blueberry jam
250 gr
250 gr 24 Lei
Foie gras with toast sippet and cinnamon caramel
foie gras, eggs, bread, milk, honey, cinnamon
60/100/50 gr
210 gr 39 Lei

Soups and broths
Onion soup
onion, butter, flour, yellow cheese, white wine, bread
300 ml
300 ml 14 Lei
Creamy mushroom soup
mushrooms, onion, eggs, sour cream, flour, butter
300 ml
300 ml 13 Lei
Soup of the day

300 ml 11 Lei

Trout gondola with vegetables
trout, white sauce, seasonal vegetables
200/120 gr
320 gr 27 Lei
Shrimp skewers with lemon sauce
shrimps, butter, lemon, parsley
180/100 gr
280 gr 48 Lei
Salmon with Martini sauce and sage
salmon fillet, butter, white sauce, white Martini, sage
160/100 gr
260 gr 34 Lei

Chicken with sour cream sauce and mushrooms
chicken breast, sour cream, mushrooms
160/150 gr
310 gr 21 Lei
French chicken
chicken breast, Camembert, rosemary, sour cream
150/100 gr
250 gr 24 Lei
Viennese turkey
turkey breast, yellow cheese, onion, basil, tomatoes
180/100 gr
280 gr 26 Lei
Duck breast a la Chef
duck breast, sauce of the day
180/100 gr
280 gr 52 Lei

Boiled beef with vegetables
boiled beef, potatoes, carrots, broccoli
300/100 gr
400 gr 29 Lei
Beef tenderloin with pomegranate sauce
beef tenderloin, onion, pomegranate sauce, lemon
160/100 gr

260 gr 42 Lei
Tournedos Rossini
beef tenderloin, duck liver, red wine, truffles
150/30/100 gr
280 gr 59 Lei
Little Paris beef tenderloin
beef tenderloin, sour cream, cheese varieties, white wine
150/100 gr

250 gr 47 Lei

Spicy lamb chops
lamb chops, white wine, tomatoes, onion, hot chili pepper, garlic
180/100 gr
280 gr 40 Lei
Lamb tenderloin with thyme
lamb tenderloin, butter, thyme, red wine
180/100 gr
280 gr 45 Lei

The Forester s Dinner
wild boar meat, smoked plums, apples, potatoes, red wine
150/100 gr
250 gr 44 Lei
Deer with forest mushrooms
deer meat, white wine, forest mushrooms, onion, pepper
150/100 gr
250 gr 59 Lei
Bear with blackberries
bear meat, red wine, blackberry jam
150/100 gr

250 gr 64 Lei

Salmon Pasta
pasta, smoked salmon, sour cream
150/150 gr
300 gr 28 Lei
Oven baked pasta
pasta, chicken breast, pepper, onion, sour cream
150/150 gr
300 gr 22 Lei

From the grill
Romanian potpourri
beef tenderloin, chicken breast, pork neck, sausages
80/80/80/80 gr
320 gr 33 Lei
Beef tenderloin

150 gr 39 Lei
Pork fillet

160 gr 18 Lei
Pork sirloin

160 gr 20 Lei
Pork scruff

160 gr 19 Lei
Chicken breast

160 gr 17 Lei
Turkey breast

160 gr 21 Lei
Lamb chop

180 gr 35 Lei

Side dishes
Mashed potatoes with mushrooms

200 gr 7.5 Lei
Mashed potatoes with truffles

200 gr 11 Lei
Rosemary potatoes

200 gr 7.5 Lei
Crushed potatoes with olives

200 gr 8.5 Lei
Hunchbacked potatoes

200 gr 7 Lei
Hunter style rice

200 gr 9 Lei
Rice with vegetables and mushrooms

200 gr 8 Lei
Vegetables saute

200 gr 9.5 Lei
Asparagus saute

200 gr 18 Lei
Carrots and mushrooms saute

200 gr 9.5 Lei
Grilled vegetables

200 gr 9.5 Lei

Side salads
Rossetya pickles

200 gr 7 Lei
Pickled red bell peppers

200 gr 7 Lei
Pickled cucumbers

200 gr 7 Lei
White cabbage

200 gr 7 Lei
Roasted bell peppers noble salad

200 gr 10 Lei
Lettuce salad

200 gr 9 Lei

and others
Sour cream

50 gr 2 Lei
Hot chili pepper
1 piece
1 buc. 1.5 Lei

40 gr 1.2 Lei

100 gr 3 Lei

50 gr 1.5 Lei

50 gr 3 Lei

50 gr 4 Lei

Rossetya’s crepe
milk, eggs, flour, cottage cheese, raisins, sour cream, yellow cheese, sugar
200 gr
200 gr 14 Lei
Traditional Papanasi with jam
cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, lemon, flour, jam
200 gr
200 gr 15 Lei
Wildberries tart
flour, eggs, milk, wildberries, sugar
150 gr
150 gr 15 Lei
Marquise glace
flour, cocoa, sugar, ice cream
80/50 gr
130 gr 16 Lei
Cheese cake
cottage cheese, eggs, sugar, flour
90 gr
90 gr 15 Lei
Apple tart with vanilla sauce
flour, sugar, apples, cinnamon, vanilla, milk
90 gr
90 gr 15 Lei

Transylvanian Saxon pork fillet
pork fillet, pepper, onion, mushrooms, hot chili pepper, smoked pork neck, yellow cheese
150/150 gr
300 gr 27 Lei
Pork tenderloin with dried tomatoes and olives
pork tenderloin, dried tomatoes, olives, onion
160/100 gr
260 gr 28 Lei