Rossetya story

A nation that is not conscious of its past,will repeatedly will make the same mistakes…therefore they cannot evolve. Us, Romanians can’t get physically back in time to value our treasures today… Rossetya is located in the center of old Bucharest-“little Paris”, in a venue which re-brings the air of a XIX century home…

Considering that the XIX century represents a period of socio-european transitions,which influences the evolution of the Romanians still broken dawn territorially and politically, we can speak  like been in times of seeking and polishing of Romanian identity.
You can widely choose from these seven options: Monestry,Bourgeois,Greek-Phanaroit, French, Russian, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish-Oriental. Rossetya tries to bring  in present the evolution and transforming of Romanian social classes, which are  reflected also in our gastronomy.

Nevertheless, we can talk about the end of XVIII century and beginning of the XIX th century, in which the favourite  of times were glad of feasts Brancovanien style which last 2-3 days and in which were served 60-80 of different food, especially meats and venison, in the oven, at spit or stifled in holes digged  in the ground...In the same time the less lucky used to eat porridge from grain and millet.
Our menu makes the transition towards  the Romanian emancipation period, which takes over the  french customs in the certain life of revolution in 1848 but also from european traditions in the same time with Carol I installation...