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Rossetya Specialities

Throughout Rossetya`s 9 years long history, taking into account  your suggestions and recommendations, we put together what we call "Rossetya’s Specialities".

Monastery Menu

Thus, let's see how in the Monastery's Menu we will find not only Zacusca and monastic oven baked eggplants, but we can also have a ride with the Townsman's Cart, filled with zucchini, tomato, bell peppers, onion, yellow cheese and other treats; we shall search through the shepherd's bag to find a monastic Bulz and after resting for a while we shall start all over with Mushroom stew, (polenta) mamaliga on the side, and a grilled Trout. Of course, the one who holds the key to the cellar and whom we call, according to French fashion sommelier, will find an old brandy and a Cahor wine from Purcari to complement the victuals.

Bourgeois Menu

So many temptations we find that make a decision so difficult to take for there are warm and cold Appetizers, Catfish fillet, “Fancy” duck meat cabbage rolls “sarmale”, lard canned Pork ribs. Whereas about boyars we speak, let's make way to a Tender beef sirloin, Carpathian bear entrecote. Conclusions will be drawn alongside Papanasi (cheese dumplings) and Clatite (crepes)... also of noble origin! All are abundantly sprinkled with wines because Rossetya's cellar is big. Tamaioasa and Busuioaca from Cotnari, as well as a La Putere Feteasca Neagra from Recas!

Meniu grecesc

We start softly with Salads from the garden or fancy one's with Sea food and octopus and other creatures, drizzled with olive oil. Then a Slightly spicy soup fits perfectly until we pass over to the fishery with pike perch and shrimp. A lamb skewer is welcome in order to finish off with a fruit desert drizzled with honey and yoghurt and flavored with a touch of mint. Sirs, we invite to try young white wines and maybe even a rosé, which is full of vigor even if seemingly shy. Rosé Davino and Eclipse Basilescu.

French menu

Thus appears the French Menu, that “sin” guilty of all that tastes good and which transformed food into the science of gastronomy and chefs into gods! Onion soup, Endive salad, Soufflé, Foie gras with raisin dressing or with old sweet wine, Dijon mustard Salmon... and this is only the beginning. Let's catch our breath and continue the road of culinary temptations with a small rooster in flavored herbs, a variety of duck breasts, some with black currants some with cranberry sauce, a “serious” Beef steak which is proudly called Little Paris, followed by Tournedos Rossini. A noble chocolate and ice-cream Marquise completes the feast. And…. Wines, so many good wines! White and rosé and red. Cabernet Oprisor and Menestrel Rotenberg.

Rusian menu

Russians, whether welcomed or not, they have also passed through Bucharest! And they taught us about Russian menu. A mixture of joy of life and melancholy in the plate with marinated and smoked fish, with scallops, olives, scorodele, red onion and capers. Tempting Blinis with Manchurian caviar and cream, followed by appetizers worthy of Tsar Romanov. When the wind blows from the east, we change register and bring The Captain's salad, along a Russian fish duet which waltzes timidly beside a sturgeon fillet in vodka sauce. Moscow chicken with cream, quail with grapes linger on the table only until the desert comes in: a wild berries tart which we are convinced that it would have tempted even His Excellency General Pavel Dmitrievici Kiseleff. Vodka for everyone... but also wine! A sparkling wine from Cricova or a Cramposie from Dragasani!!!

Austrian-Hungarian menu

From the west came imperial discipline and order and from the same direction we got the Austrian-Hungarian menu. Here we find dishes which were definitely tasted by the Transylvanian unionists but also by the revolutionary “conspirators” of 1848 in Bucharest's taverns. Goulash soup, Papricas, Schnitzel “schooled” in Vienna tempt us from the very beginning. We take a break as after an imperial hunt to taste the Forrester's Dinner, 'cause there'll be plenty of wild boar and smoked plums or we feast on a tender deer meat in sour cherries sauce. For desert, a vanilla sugar powdered Apple strudel, reminds us the greatness of former empires…! There is beer in the menu... but my advice is: Ask the sommelier for wine! Mysterium from Jidvei or a noble Feteasca Neagra from Negrini!!!

Oriental menu

We have spent some time thinking where to place the Oriental Menu. Tough decision because we are right at the Orient's Gate! A history challenged Gate– either shut by sword, or opened by means of oriental wile. But we also held it open, not for long, just for a few hundred years, enough to allow entering a diversity of delicious dishes tasted only by sultans. Parsley salad, chickpea salad, yoghurt cream with olive oil and mint, veal brain with garlic and lemon, moist beef tenderloin with pomegranate sauce, lamb chops…and many other treats. It is time to close the gate to the oriental feast by putting a sweet lock on it, made of Baklava! Have a coffee, your lordships!